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It's a great time to be outside enjoying summer weather! Here are some fun tips for staying cool in the heat and enjoying those times when home is the great outdoors.

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Cool Summertime Tips

Pick the Perfect Grill Recipe

Everyone has their grilling recipe favorites, but if you're looking to try something new this year, here are some of the best recipes recommended by grilling experts, ranging from the meat-intensive to purely vegan.

Our Top 15 Recipes, from the BBQ masters at Amazing Ribs.

25 Vegan Recipes to Grill This Summer, from the Tasty blog.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan for Better Cooling

Did you know that reversing the direction of a ceiling fan can improve its cooling effect? Making the blades spin counter-clockwise causes the air to be pushed straight down, which creates more of a breeze.

Blade angle also makes a difference, as the experts at the Simple Dollar explain:
- Use a blade angle of 12 to 14 degrees for rooms where you don't want papers to be blown around.

- Choose a blade angle of 14 degrees for general use rooms.

Save Wildlife with a Floating Ramp

Image courtesy of

Invented by a wildlife biologist, the FrogLog provides a floating step and a ramp so that frogs, squirrels, and other animals can haul themselves out of the water and get back to dry land. (Even amphibians will die if exposed to chlorinated water for too long.) 

Many pool owners say they think a FrogLog should be standard equipment, and it makes a unique and animal-friendly housewarming gift. You can buy these directly on the FrogLog website, where they're currently around $20.

Facts to Help Keep Pets Cool on Road Trips

If a furry friend is part of your summer travel plans, you know that keeping them cool can be a challenge when you need to pop into a store on a sunny day.

Here's some information that's helpful to know:

  • A car can become dangerously hot when it's only 65 degrees F if there's enough radiant heat.
  • When it's 85 degrees outside a car heats up to 104 degrees in only 10 minutes, and to 119 degrees in half an hour.
  • Sunny days with cool breezes are deceptive. Even half-open windows provide little air movement inside the vehicle, so while the owner might put on a fleece when they step out of the car, the animal can still overheat inside.

Fun Outdoor Gear Ideas
The Lightweight Insulated Backpack Cooler

Image courtesy of

This cooler with backpack straps gets high reviews on Amazon, and many people say it's surprisingly comfortable. With room for 25 cans and several pockets for utensils, it's a great way to make bringing the beverages for an outdoor get-together much easier.

Here's the Amazon link, where it's currently around $30.

(Just a note that one of the marketing photos shows a person wearing this while paddling a canoe on a lake - NOT a good idea! :)

The Eco-Friendly Instant Grill

Image courtesy of


There's no clean-up after this BBQ because the grill's not coming home with you! This highly reviewed single-use grill is made of bamboo, cardboard and lava stones. The cooking surface stays hot for an hour, and the entire thing is biodegradable.

It's currently $15 on the Uncommon Goods website.

The Comfy Kelty Low Loveseat Camping Chair

Image courtesy of


The Kelty Low Loveseat Camping Chair seats you 8 inches closer to the ground compared to a typical chair, and it's amazing how much more comfortable this is for most people. It's also sturdy, has insulated beverage holders on each armrest, and folds up easily for transport.

Here's the link on Amazon, where it's currently around $110.

Word of warning: If you end up with one of these, just be prepared to shoo people away from it whenever you've left it alone for a few minutes. :)

What the lawyers make us say: The information here is not presented as expert legal or financial advice. Please use your best judgment and consult professionals when necessary.
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Links that Make Life Easier

Sometimes real estate-related, sometimes not... these are assorted links that come in handy:

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Pond5 Stock Footage
A great place to get quality stock footage for your video projects.

Melon Prosciutto Skewers
A light, quick summer treat that's easy to bring to potlucks as well.

The Lighter Side


(Screenshot courtesy of YouTube and RM Videos)

In a "Did I just see that?" moment captured on video, this grizzly bear in Alaska wins the Good Neighbor award for carefully uprighting - and then nonchalantly nudging into the correct position - a fallen traffic cone!

Click here or on the image above to watch the video on YouTube.

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